A tough few months but now the focus is on having fun again for Naomi Osaka!

As of Monday, Naomi Osaka is back on top of the rankings.

The world number one took to Twitter not long ago to express her feelings in the open and honest way that she does! She spoke about having fun and how she hasn’t been happy since Melbourne putting too much pressure on her results and not seeing the bigger picture.

She said that unexpectedly the worst months of her life have had some of the best moments.

Naomi comes away from Toronto with defeat to Serena in the quarter finals, back at world number one but importantly she had fun.


Following her match with Serena they had a nice chat at the net and earlier on in the week she said Serena was like her ‘Tennis Mom.’

Naomi has had it tough, I hate talking about the drama of last years US Open final but that can be unsettling for anyone involved. The whole atmosphere at the end was insane especially when someone should have been celebrating the biggest moment of their life.

Of course Naomi will be heading to defend her title soon and it is important to not put pressure on herself but to have fun.

After her match in Toronto on Friday night she tweeted this;

A big word in this, ‘learn’. Well a few more as well, Happy and smiling too!

It is good to hear! I like her honesty in how she feels about different things. It is very engaging with fans and she is honestly a lovely person.

She’s had some of the roughest periods of time in her career around her best results and that can be difficult but she is still humble and on the right track.

I had the pleasure of meeting her in Birmingham and she was a delight. I asked her if she had a moment for a selfie which she replied ‘of course’


It does make me laugh to an extent when people say she is having a ‘bad year.’ If my bad year was Australian Open champ, number one in the world, & 24 wins/8 defeats.

I don’t think she gets the credit she deserves. During her career she hasn’t played grass so isn’t as comfortable on it.

Her run in Melbourne she beat five top 30 ranked players in a row and came from a set down twice. Roland Garros she came back from the brink twice which shows great character before her third round exit so there is positives.

I’m excited for what the rest of the season holds for Naomi. I’m looking forward to seeing her in New York. What happened last year will be brought up but it’s about enjoying it.

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