Plenty of positives to build on going forward for Andy Murray 💪🏻

Tears, surgery, doubts and doubles have all led to this moment. Today in Cincinnati wasn’t about winning or losing but to have a look at where Andy Murray is at. If anything for fans of Andy it has been a celebration to see him back out there.

210 days ago we thought he played his last singles match and as ever he gave his all. I sadly missed his match against Agut as I was on route to Melbourne but caught the ending once I got into Perth. What has happened since has been incredible.

To be back on the court is great for him, tennis and British tennis.

I don’t see the point in going too much into his game. There is obviously things to improve on, that’s the point of playing here to see where he is at. I thought his backhand and forehand grew into the match.

Timing was an issue at first and so was the spin on his forehand, he wasn’t cleaning the ball through the court it had too much spin on. I get going high into the Gasquet backhand to slow him down but it sped him up at times.

Everything will come with time and match practice. Movement is a big one that will build up, he essentially has a new body part.

If you do look back on the match and see the forehands and backhands he was hitting in the opening 6/7 games compared to the second set it was better and it’s a positive sign. Just look at this running forehand;

Alongside coach Jamie Delgado and the rest of the Brit’s team was nice to see his recent doubles partner Feliciano Lopez watching on in his box and friend Nick Kyrgios too.

What next?

US Open singles is a no. Doubles is still not confirmed, I doubt it would be with Felicity’s but maybe someone else? Nick and Andy would be fun.

He has signed up for China Open in Beijing and the inaugural Zhuhai which is an ATP250 event.

Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 21.35.59


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