Grigor Dimitrov’s three words that still matter 12 months on as he falls outside the top 70 for the first time in 7 years!

Three words I knew I wouldn’t forget.

“Hope Dies Last”

These words came from Grigor Dimitrov following a win against Frances Tiafoe in Toronto in an interview with Sky.

He knew there was work to do to hit his heights and he’s not going to give up.

Even now I know he isn’t. The story will be another round one exit for Grigor is going to plummet to his lowest ranking outside the top 70 in the world somewhere he hasn’t been since June 2012.

Yes it’s another early exit but he played well and that is the bigger picture which can’t be ignored.

I was at fault at almost doing that.

I was watching Grigor when I was cooking and I loved the fight but that game of two double faults and four aces looked like that. The second set got away and the third began to race away.

I told my friend, he was in control and 2-5 down with Wawrinka having match points. For me, that was that.

He fought incredibly hard.

Those three words I instantly thought of watching him hustle out there;

“Hope Dies Last”

Grigor has to look back with pride, what he did to get to 6-6 was fantastic. The tennis is there just needs to bring it together now.

This to break back at the brink was incredible;

It is a difficult period for Grigor. He was world number three but he has the work ethic to make this happen.

I believe he is top ten, I don’t believe top five is in reach again I wouldn’t count him out. It was interesting during the match to see Patrick Mouratoglou there taking notes. Grigor during his career has worked at the Mouratoglou Academy so maybe a voice from someone he’s known a while could help!

What next?

Lots of practice, New York obviously and then for me Grigor must pace his season out.

250 events maybe even challengers? There is nothing wrong with taking a step back to move forward. Masters are good events to pick up quick points but is a rough place for a round one exit. The matches are intense from the off.

I do see him getting back to a top 20 level, it will be tough but he’s soo engaged which is why I love watching him and feel every point and he isn’t going to give up!



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