Alex De Minaur; First top 10 win ✅ First Grand Slam 4th Round ✅

Alex De Minaur’s season has picked back up.

He started his year well and won his first title in Sydney which was backed up recently by the title in Atlanta.

I watched De Minaur live against Nadal at the Australian Open and to watch him live was something special! His game is one that is still coming together, he is only 20 and has played just 95 tour level matches but has things progressing well.

One of my favourite things is watching how players move and he is right up there. The coverage and movement is quite insane.

Alex has 23 wins and 14 defeats this year and did miss a little bit of the season with injury but the way he has re-grouped his year and find his form has been fantastic to see!

The ‘no top 10 win’ has been a bit of a monkey on his back having of course led Cilic this time last year by two sets to love and losing but got through Kei Nishikori very well in four sets for his first top 10 win at his 16th attempt!

You don’t get a rest against De Minaur. He chases everything down running an extra 1000ft than Kei and makes you play extra shots. A part of his game we’ve all been talking about lately is the serve.

Alex served well but it wasn’t as dominant as his incredible week in Atlanta but numbers like that don’t come around often.

The word describe the performance was clean;

71% first serves won
46% second serves won
10/14 net points won
8/16 break points won
26 winners
29 unforced errors
48% receiving points won

Like I said, his game is coming together. The only issue I sometimes find in rallies is he can push when he doesn’t need to.

I’m pleased to see him taking this opportunity. He does have doubles as well so I do hope it doesn’t burn him out.

For Kei Nishikori, I won’t go too much into it today but that performance was worrying. 60 unforced errors and a lost look which has defined his season.

Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 19.07.02

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