All smiles 😁 Grigor Dimitrov is back in a major quarter final!

I think it’s a fact of life that when Grigor Dimitrov smiles everyone else does.

Well, I’m smiling πŸ™‚

Three words. If you read this regularly you are sick of them by now. Three words that Grigor spoke on Sky last year after a difficult spell.

“Hope Dies Last”

From world number three to almost falling outside the top 80 in less than two years. No matter what has come his way he just keeps going.

His attitude has been fantastic.

Grigor as we know spent some time at the Mouratoglou Academy in the past and it was interesting to see him note taking during one of his matches recently as he looks to find his way back.

The performance against Alex De Minaur was near on perfect.

It was a bit of a tentative start from the Bulgarian but once he got through the gears there wasn’t much looking back.

He defended well, attack well from behind the baseline with his forehand and the shot the was a big game change was the backhand slice.

Alex De Minaur who I am a big fan of is at his best when he has something to work with but he was given virtually nothing. The slice took the pace and momentum out of the rallies.

Even when Alex managed to get going and find something the way Dimitrov approached the match was exceptional and he was so comfortable.

He approached this as giving ”all or nothing” and it showed. The way he orchestrated himself around the court and the level of his ground stroke, the timing was faultless.

The numbers were;

59% first serves in
45/57 first serves won
23/39 second serves won
10/14 net points won
3/6 break points won
34/95 receiving points won
31 winners
37 unforced errors

Next up for him is Federer, it is a good challenge for Grigor. This tournament goes down as a success no matter what happens from here on in. Federer will be a good test to see where he is at. Roger did take a while to get going in first two rounds but bulldozed past Dan Evans and David Goffin in the last two.

Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 20.50.41

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