Things you may have missed from New York πŸ—½ πŸ€­

So much happens at a major with over 400 players knocking around in the opening week that thing do slip under the radar. We’ve seen some dancing, rolling and some quite incredible tennis over the first seven days!

Before I get into it, if you are on Twitter then do follow ‘doublefault28’ incredible work! If you don’t have it, get it!


Not too sure on the dance moves here from Novak Djokovic, maybe that’s where the bad shoulder came from?

Dance off anyone?

Nick Kyrgios showed us his dancing skills…

After hitting this shot…

Catching a ball is a dangerous game…

Spinning Around!

Gael Monfils channeling his inner Kylie Minogue…

The ball was called out…

Denis Shapovalov opened his match against Laaksonen with a first serve that cleared the baseline

Road-Runner De Minaur


Any excuse to have a look at this…

Shot of the tournament?

Rampant Rafa

Hyeon Chung hit some very good backhands which got destroyed…

You ok Bruno?

Sometimes a push-up mid-match is needed…

Spot it Grigor :O

Someone serving worse than me?

I didn’t think it could happen but Sascha Zverev pulled off some incredibly bad serves.

Federer or Nadal?

At least Donna is laughing…


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