Guess who’s coming back!! ðŸ˜²

Kim Clijsters is coming back!

My expression?


I can’t believe it. I loved watching Kim Clijsters over the years and I’m soo excited for her second comeback.

Kim announced her return on Twitter!

In her video she says;

Could I be a loving mom to my three kids and the best tennis player I could possibly be?

Let’s do this, let’s come back one more time

I should probably say more but it’s going to be incredible. Kim already came back once after giving birth and won major titles.

She is one of the sports greatest players and champions and it’s going to be an exciting journey for the 36 year old.

There is no news where she will return to, rumour has it a new WTA tournament in Adelaide might be on the cards and of course some involvement down at Melbourne Park for the 2011 champion.

I actually Pouille v Raonic at the Australian Open to go and see Kim in the invitational doubles alongside Li Na and it was great experience.

Kim also recently played Venus Williams at the opening of Court 1 before Wimbledon and Venus said after their match;

“(she played) so fast, she could be on tour right now. The strokes were so clean and I’m looking across the net like wow that is amazing stroke production. I’m admiring your game across the net. It’s unbelievable how she is moving and playing and she chose to have a family and I want to get there one day that’s all I can say”

Kim has her own Academy in Belgium as well as being a mother to her three children and is great for sport and women in sport to see Kim back in action in 2020!

Exciting times!!!

Screenshot 2019-09-12 at 13.28.59

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