Jamie Murray heaps pressure on the LTA as he delivers at the inaugural Murray Trophy in Glasgow!

Jamie Murray has shown the LTA was giving back is. The seven time Grand Slam champion has set the bar for the LTA to follow with a week of giving back at the Murray trophy in Glasgow.

This is a new tournament on the challenger circuit this year and was named after Jamie & Andy Murray in celebration of the brothers achievements. This is pretty much all that has been done by the LTA to capitalise on the success of the brothers which is astounding.

An organisation which gets £40 million a year from AELTC (All England Lawn Tennis Club) has failed to build on the success.

Jamie Murray has been at the front line in Glasgow this week not just playing doubles in the event but making a difference and inspiring the next generation.

Jamie deserves a lot of credit for what he has done and what he fights for.

He was in Glasgow a week before the event and every day despite playing matches has been taking part in soo many events with younger kids to inspire that next generation and that’s what it is all about.

The LTA have come under a lot of scrutiny for simply failing to deliver.

Jamie Murray has been very vocal about this as out of the £40 million the LTA get from Wimbledon only around £1 million goes to Tennis Scotland.

Even with the success of Jamie and Andy facilities in Scotland are still few and far between.

Jamie said in Glasgow this week;

“We are a country after all, not a county”

Pressure does just seem to be building on the LTA to deliver more.

They money they receive from Wimbledon is a great amount but have been operating at a loss announcing an £8.8 million loss in 2018.

They have however announced plans to invest in padel tennis which is very big in Spain. It is played on a smaller court with the same scoring system but is a bigger test of skill around the net.

LTA chief Scott Lloyd said this year that the LTA plans to spend £250 million on 96 indoor sport venues over a 10 year period and have identified sites for that. 72 of them would be in England, 12 in Wales and 12 in Scotland.

Pressure will mount;

– London as of 2020 will be losing the ATP Finals

– WTA Birmingham has been downgraded from Premier to International including a major point drop, 75% of prize money gone and concern over crowds and top player attendance.

– Wimbledon supporting new WTA event in Berlin same week as Birmingham but has taken its Premier status.

What next?

Until something major is done questions will continue to be asked.

Jamie Murray has done more in these two weeks to make a difference and give back more than unfortunately the LTA have.

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