Even numbered years seem to be her thing, will we see Angie’s best again in 2020?

Angie Kerber’s best is very good.

Screenshot 2019-10-01 at 18.37.07

Her season has been very poor and has had similar shades of her 2017 season and to an extent her 2015 season.

2016 and 2018 were fantastic years especially at the majors and her record shows that over the past four years.

Screenshot 2019-10-01 at 18.35.34

I do apologise, 2019 was four wins not three but the point still stands. The different in results from one year to another is night and day.

Let’s not forget we are talking about a three time major champion who if I were her would call time on her season.

Worst that could happen is she would end her season just inside the top 20 in the world around 17-19 and currently holds number 13 and was never in contention for a place in Shenzhen.

It is a shame to see such a great player drift away from their best. It did happen in 2017 which Kerber described 12 months ago as her year to forget and this will be another one for the former world number one.

I watched her match back against Polona Hercog and it was bad and if I’m honest boring. If there is one I’d never use to describe Angie Kerber it would be boring.

It lacked confidence, the backhand was just coming down the middle of the court and it was a safe performance.

We saw glimpses of what she can do opening up the flat forehand cross court when she had time but getting back to that top level isn’t impossible but will take some doing.

Confidence is an issue and I don’t see why she can’t turn it around. The way Angie returned in 2018 following an abysmal 2017 season was fantastic but also tennis moves on, it doesn’t stand still.

What I mean by that is tennis does move on in the way the game is played. An aggressive baseline stance is the way forehand and it would take a totally change up for Kerber to now come back in 2020 and challenge the best.



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