“The motivation is still the same” Muguruza shuts down season as she looks ahead to 2020!

Garbine Muguruza’s season is over.

The former world number one has pulled out of Tiajin and Moscow resulting in shutting down her season.

Her numbers for 2019 include 6 wins at majors, round one exits at Wimbledon and the US Open.

22 wins, 16 defeats and a title defend in Monterrey with the Spaniard set to finish her year outside the top 30 and the first time in five years outside the top 20.

Just over 12 months ago I said her season highlight cannot be just winning the title in Monterrey, earlier this year in Monterrey I echoed that as her season highlight cannot be defending the title and it was.

In fairness to Muguruza she is only one of four players to defend a title on the WTA tour this year.

Where does she go from here?

It is something I looked at earlier on in the year and I’m still looking at the same problem.

I used to call Garbine, “Muguruthless” because on her day her best was unmatchable.

“Muguruthless” no more, how does the Spaniard find her best tennis again?

I think she is going in the right direction. Earlier on this year summer she split from Sam Suymk and they achieved good results together but some on court coaching conversations were not broadcaster friendly.

Getting back to basics is a start, her game is a bit lost and just hasn’t been played to that level of when she won majors and made it to number one.

It is there and I think next year will be pivotal. Muguruza turns 26 in a few days and with soo many younger players breaking through finding form in 2020 will be important.

Muguruza found her joy on the tour with that flat aggressive hitting but the breaks have been put on of late and maybe that comes with a lack of confidence but Garbine is too good not to be back in the top 10.



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