Serena in 2010; “There is no way I need to be out here at 38” At now 38 Serena’s schedule looks set for 2020…

Serena Williams famously said in 2010 when asked if she will be playing tennis at 38;

“If I am, I want you to personally take me off and escort me off the court. There is no way I need to be out here at 38”

Serena recently turned 38 and her schedule for 2020 looks set.

Australian Open
Indian Wells
Roland Garros
Tokyo Olympics
US Open

Some are suggesting this could be her final but only she knows that.

Her schedule follows the same theme with some Premier Mandatory events alongside the majors.

There is a possibility we could see Serena in Fed Cup action on 7-8th of February as the USA take on Latvia as she looks to book her spot in the Olympics. There is however an appeal process if you miss out and many do get over turned.

Depending on how things go at The Australian Open a trip to Qatar in February could be on the cards for the WTA Premier 5 event in 2019 and alternates year on year with Dubai on which is a Premier and a Premier 5 event.

Madrid looks off the cards as well. Serena hasn’t featured there since 2015 and last year tournament owner Ion Tiriac, made comments about her weight saying;

“With all due respect, but Serena Williams is 36 and 90 pounds I would like to see something else, I would like to see a player like Steffi Graf.”

To which, Serena responded;

“I always say people are entitled to their opinion. Clearly there’s more to women’s tennis than me. There’s a lot more, but I’ll have words with him, believe me, I’ll have words with him. It’s an ignorant comment, and it’s a sexist comment, and maybe he’s an ignorant man.”

So, Madrid looks unlikely…

Tokyo is obviously an addition with it being the Olympics and Serena and Venus will be hoping to both be in singles and doubles action together.

If this is her last year on the tour expectations are she might head to Beijing as well but for the last five years Serena doesn’t play after New York.

The target? No.24 of course…


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