Andy Murray and Kim Clijsters confirmed to play at the Australian Open

Former finalist Andy Murray and former champion Kim Clijsters will be playing at the Australian Open in January.

Kim Clijsters will be using a wildcard for the event which is believed to be her first tournament in what will be her return to tennis. There is noise suggesting she could play in Adelaide at the beginning of the year but not confirmed.

I’m not too sure how Andy Murray gets into the draw yet for the Australian Open. There is a possibility when the entrants lists are published in December he go in on ranking. He will need to be top 102 I believe and is currently just inside the top 250 as he prepared for his match against Fognini in Shanghai.

He could either use a wildcard or protected ranking. There is also a possibility he could go through qualifying.

The Australian Open have announced he will be back in 2020 so I expect they have a wildcard aside just incase he doesn’t get in on ranking.

A Grand Slam first will take place at next years event as all courts at the Australian Open will have Hawkeye, not only that but it will be used throughout qualifying as well.

The draw for the Australian Open will be on the 16th of January.

Screenshot 2019-10-01 at 08.46.25

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