How David Goffin paints the lines with one of the best backhands in the business

When in full flow David Goffin’s backhand is a thing of beauty. One of the best on the tour? Absolutely!

David is playing his best tennis of the year in the final couple of months and his game oozes confidence and composure. Add some time to that and you have one of the best backhands in the business.

He can’t hit this without time on his side.

When that ball sites up you see him get his body ready:

  • Back is straight
  • Racket head behind him ready to swing
  • Feet together
  • Right foot is planted
  • Left foot and racket head move in tandem
  • Strike the ball

It is unpredictable in the sense of, going cross court or down the line on the flat strike.

When he is in that position in these corners below he is at his most dangerous.

Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 12.20.24

The variety and brutality of the shot makes it so dangerous. We see this with soo many players’ games like Djokovic and Murray too.

It is probably the most difficult shot in tennis to defend against. When you return a shot you want to hit it back with interest on it to ask questions but when it is hit pure it is difficult to do this! Whether you find the corner or paint the line it has the same effect.

As an opponent it leaves you stranded. There is no other way of putting it then being left stranded. Do you commit to down the line or stay around central for the cross court?

The backhand has definitely helped in Goffin finding some form since Roland Garros taking himself from 43rd to 8th currently in the race to London in just over 3 months of tennis.

Goffin at the same point is no one-trick pony his forehand also does a lot of talking in his game and is a shot he can pull out all over the court with a great trajectory on his ground strokes.

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