Milan; Demon finding form 😈 Foki injury 🚑 Casper up & running 💪🏻 Frances edges past erratic Humbert ✅

The NextGen Finals in Milan has been an epic watch so far. With one round robin match left each there is still much to play for on Thursday.

Demon finding form!

Alex de Minaur has been finding his form after a bit of a struggle during his first match against Davidovich Fokina.

I was worried that the Australian was a bit tired following an intense few weeks on the tour and still quite a bit of tennis to play.

Despite dropping one set he still looked in good form as he dominated the baseline much better today against Kecmanovic. Dropping that set did mean his place in the semi-finals wouldn’t be confirmed until Thursday.

Davidovich Fokina concern…

It was a miracle that Alejandro could finish his match against Casper Ruud.

The Spaniard has been impressive during the week so far but an awkward fall and a twist on his knee did look like being the end of his week.

The Spaniard did get his knee tapped up and continued. He didn’t move as clean as he was previously and Casper went onto win in five sets.

Casper still up and running…

Casper Ruud is still up and running in the competition.

Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 21.06.11

I really like Casper but I don’t know how far his game will take him, I just worry for what he can produce off the backhand compared to the other guys.

He does everything else well so I do see it coming along nicely in 2020 but right now it would be a big push against De Minaur to make the semi-finals.

Tiafoe edges past Humbert

This was quite the match. Ugo Humbert hit Frances Tiafoe off the court with over 30 winners but good grief he produced way too many errors and lost the match.

Tiafoe held his own well, I do want to see him have to be under a little bit pressure from a more experience head but a win is what he needed and he got it.


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