6-2 6-1 Djokovic, five time champion announces his arrival with a ruthless performance!

Novak Djokovic has his sights on the title and following his opening performance and first meeting with Matteo Berrettini he is in an unforgiving mood.

It says something about the level of the Serb Berrettini didn’t serve badly at all but Novak was all over him like a rash!

The Italian held his first couple of games and then it went away. He continued averaging a first serve speed of 133mph against Djokovic but he got back in play 81% of serves in the first set.

Cushioned return

Novak Djokovic has one of the best defences in tennis and best return numbers and you could argue best returner tennis has seen.

The court is quite fast this year so when a 138mph serve comes at you it will pick up quite a bit but he continued to get it back.

The cushioned return works very well for Djokovic because he has it all in his game to retreat and defend. There was a point early on in the second set where Berrettini lashed the ball time and time again but it kept coming back forcing the error from the Italian who looked over to his box with his hands on his hips out of ideas.

Weight of the World 

Nerves did play a big part in the match for the Italian. He lost the first six points of the match but held his first service game.

As rallies progressed during the match he went for it instead of digging in a little bit more and in the second set in particular seemed to crumble at things he is very good at.

Giving nothing away…

One of the main problems that Novak gave Matteo was he gave simply nothing away.

He continued to get the ball into play and it was like playing a machine.

In the first twelve games of the match Djokovic lead 6-2 4-0 against the debutant winning 31 of the 41 baseline points.

What was more impressive that in the opening twelve games just 4 of the 69 points played were unforced errors from Djokovic. 4 in 12 games which is 5% of points were unforced errors from Novak. Quite incredible!

As things progressed Matteo found his way onto the board trailing 2-6 1-4 against Djokovic following a shaky game from the five time champion.

The crowd wanted to see more and Berrettini delivered some very good tennis. Let’s not forget this is only his 103rd career match in a breakthrough season for him.

Nothing was stopping Djokovic at all today as the five time champion won 6-2 6-1 in 63 minutes. Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 15.19.28

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