The captivating, tenacious & puzzle solving Greek from Athens has all the attributes to be the best!

Stefanos Tsitipsas has the game to get to the very top of mens tennis. The man from Greece isn’t afraid of producing an upset. His well executed game and his incredibly strong personality will make him a force to reckon with over the coming years.

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We have some incredible mental strength from Stefanos over the course of the season. Federer in Melbourne, Nadal in Madrid, Djokovic in Shanghai and Federer in London.

It has been the most captivating year from Stefanos.

I was there in Melbourne and the mania he created with his results especially that 6-7 7-6 7-5 7-6 win against Roger in the fourth round was out of this world. It was stressful enough watching it. Big points for a young player can sometimes be wasted by nerves, I don’t ever think I’ve seen him look nervous. He trusts what he is doing.

I saw Stefanos defeat Nadal in Madrid and that was my highlight of 2019. A full house for Nadal and the way he dealt with that home environment was magnificent! Even in the second set when things did drop quickly for him he never sulked but continued with his game and figured it out.


He is a great puzzle solver. He is captivating to watch and his strength and personality is shown in his tennis.

In London he defeated Medvedev, Zverev, Federer and Thiem. He also lost to Nadal but one thing that sums up his time in London and his time this season is options. The numbers from London speak for itself.

Aces – 32
Double Faults – 5
Forehand Winners – 51
Forehand Errors – 38
Backhand Winners – 18
Backhand Errors – 30
Net Points Won – 60/74
Break Points Won – 10/20
Break Points Saved – 23/27

What is wrong with these numbers? Virtually nothing. It is the perfect combination, but also numbers can be deceiving…

Next part of this will be up soon!

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