Grigor Dimitrov resurrected a difficult season late on, but can he kick on in 2020?

No one has been on quite a rollercoaster this season than Grigor Dimitrov.

Having began his year just inside the top 20 poor form and results to match saw him fall as far down as 78 in the world but will finish his season back inside the top 20. 

This is quite an achievement from Grigor to have rebuilt his ranking in the same season it took a drubbing. Until a few months ago it would be fair to say we hadn’t seen his best tennis for some time but he ended his season in good form.

The story of his season which saw him pick up 22 wins and 21 defeats will be that run to the US Open semi-finals defeating Roger Federer from two sets to one down but another week in Paris for me felt more important in the season.

Following his win against Federer in New York, Grigor went on a run losing five of his next seven matches before finishing his year at the Paris Masters where he made the semi-finals.

He completely cleaned up against Dominic Thiem, it was one of the most complete performances of the year. Thiem was not near his best but he wasn’t allowed to be and I’ve always said Grigor Dimitrov is at his best on the front foot.

We saw glimpses of it at the end of the season and in-particular against Thiem. The game plan is simple but also effective when playing with confidence.

I spoke before about Grigor peppering the backhand corner of Thiem when he had that chance to step up into the court and unleash that inside-out and inside-in forehand which you can read more of below:

Grigor Dimitrov 6-3 6-2 Dominic Thiem; Bulgarian brought out his well-thought-out front foot tennis to Paris!

This style is the pattern that needs to be carried into 2020. I feel like over the years since he was No.3 and won in London at the tour finals there have been changes and a loss in his confidence and game at times.

Grigor does have a new coach on his team for next season, Christian Groh who is a former coach of Tommy Haas and Taylor Fritz.

What to expect in 2020? Grigor is quite unpredictable but for a few I do feel like this is a ‘prove yourself’ season. How long will the top three’s hold at the top last and we have seen the younger guys really make big strides this year.


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