“WTA Cup” could come in 2021 but why not a joint event?

Plans are apparently underway for a women’s version of the ATP Cup to begin in 2021. The tournament would of course be called WTA Cup and discussions are apparently well underway.

The question is, why not together?

With just Brisbane and Adelaide now just left on the WTA calendar for events in Australia following the end of Sydney which is the new home of the ATP Cup knockout stages there is now only two.

The big question is, if we were to get a WTA Cup then why don’t we have a joint mens and women’s event? This would be more marketable to fans especially as there is no-more Hopman Cup.

There is a gap on the calendar for this and a reshuffle would probably be welcomed.

As this is put forward by Tennis Australia there is no way the two events ATP Cup and WTA Cup would run with tournaments alongside but how could a calendar look?

3rd Jan – 14th Jan – ATP/WTA Cup
4th Jan- 10th Jan – Auckland/Doha
11th Jan – 16th Jan – Brisbane/Adelaide
18th Jan – 31st Jan – Australian Open

Auckland (WTA) and Doha (ATP) are events which have nothing to do with Tennis Australia so an alternative for those not involved would be key.

Also a week before the Australian Open in Brisbane and Adelaide on ATP and WTA tours would be good for players who leave cup early and those looking for more matches before Melbourne.

I do think we need a joint event and this would be perfect. 8 players in a group, made up of 4 x men and 4 x women from each country and played over 11 days. equal points and prize money on offer and played across Australia.

Having lost the Hopman Cup we don’t have that fun mixed doubles outside of a major anymore and Australia always seem to make the beginning of the season a tough act to follow and this introduction would be the perfect start to the tennis season.



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