Were Tsitsipas and Medvedev lucky not to be disqualified in ATP Cup?

Tempers at times have reached boiling point. We have seen plenty of smashed rackets over the course of the ten days but two players sailed very close to the wind but should they have been disqualified?

Let’s look at the two situations!

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos was not too happy at being broken in his match against Nick Kyrgios that his racket took a bit of a beating.

In the process of hitting his racket he also hit his dad accidentally.

You could see that his dad Aspostolos is in some pain on the side and behind the two the Greek’s mother comes down to give him a telling off.

We have seen players defaulted for accidents in moments of frustration and he was very lucky there!

Daniil Medvedev

Words were exchanged between Medvedev and Schwartzman and the drama did continue as Russia met Argentina.

There were words exchanged in the match between the two at a change of ends resulting in chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani having to jump down off his chair to split the two up.

Medvedev wasn’t interested in stopping there. The Russian received a warning before unsportsmanlike conduct and then decided to give the umpires chair a going over!

Not once but twice the Russian struck the chair when in conversation with the umpire but only received one warning (point penalty) where he was lucky to still be allowed to play.

It has raised the question on ‘double standards’ in tennis. If other male players or female players did any of these actions would a bit more have been made of it?

I like both players but they were super lucky to be able to continue following this!


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