A bad day for tennis as two players are suspended following failed drugs test!

It’s a bad day for tennis, especially men’s tennis with Nicolas Jarry and doubles number one Robert Farah suspended for failed drugs tests.

Nicolas Jarry ranked at 78 in the world won his first title in Sweden last year back in July and hasn’t won a match since. The Chilean hired former coach of Kei Nishikori, Dante Bottini and this is a big setback for the 24 year old.

In November at the Davis Cup Finals the Chilean was tested and was charged for failing a anti-doping test on the 4th of January. Substances called Ligandrol and Stanozolol were found in his system.

There has been no more news as yet. Nicolas is too challenge it as he is understood that they are very small samples and has come from a cross contamination with his medication he does take.

Robert Farah who is part of the doubles world number one team and reigning Wimbledon and US Open champion has also been suspended.

The Colombian announced he would be missing the Australian Open due to personal reasons which he then backed up by admitting his failed drugs test.

There has been nothing via the ITF yet on their website.

Robert has had this to say;

  • He was tested 15 times in 2019
  • He was tested on October 7th in Shanghai which was clear
  • He was tested on October 17th in Cali which has been found as positive

It is understood the ITF did let him know today. The substance found in his system is called Boldenona. Boldenona is found in meat in Colombia and will then show up in results.

The Colombian Olympic Committee in 2018 published a document referring to this  which Robert shared in his social media post.

Obviously we don’t know the sanctions yet, these are provisional suspensions but both players will put their case forward to be heard. Once heard if they are not happy with the outcome they could (if they have solid grounds) go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to plead their case but for now they cannot compete.

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