Djokovic continues to set the standards with a routine win against Nishioka!

There were times during the match I was watching Yoshihito Nishioka and was impressed with what I saw.

Easy to forget though that sometimes the best isn’t enough when you look through the sun at the other end of the court and see Novak Djokovic camped on the baseline running the show.

The first set was as close as it got between the two and if anything Djokovic had a little try at things. Nine unforced errors in the opening set compared to Nishioka’s four didn’t signal a problem but a comfort the world number two who felt in a mood to go for thing. Some worked and some didn’t.

As the match progressed that ruthless streak which we know he has in his locker crept and as ever it was a joy to watch him in full flow.

Not only did he book his place in round four but it is now in fact the 50th time in his career that he has made the fourth round of a major which is behind Federer but ahead of Nadal.

84 minutes was all it took as the favourite for the event qualifies for the second week of a Grand Slam.

One point dropped on serve in the opening two sets, that is all!

He has set the standard for others to follow but it will get tougher you’d imagine…

IMG_0317 2


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