The 2020 Tokyo Olympics inevitable postponement has left Roland Garros more red faced than before as ‘perfect’ gap in the calendar opens up

The inevitable suspension of the 2020 Olympics has taken place. The Tokyo games will not take part in 2020 and will take place in 2021 now.

No date has yet been confirmed but it is possible it could overlap with Euro 2021 however the IOC have said they must take place no later than summer 2021.

This does have a big impact on the tennis calendar potentially going forward.

If by July and I hope things are back to routine by then a gap does open up on the calendar.

The summer Olympics in Tokyo were due to begin on the 27th of July and run until the 2nd of August.

There were events taking place at the same time in Kitzbuhel and Atlanta on the ATP tour but none on the WTA tour.

If things are back to normal by July and tournaments could begin then postponing Roland Garros until the end of July to take the Olympic slot would have been the perfect plan.

Weeks leading up to end of July there are clay events on both tours and would have less impact in the disruption of the tour week by week.

Roland Garros have managed to shoot themselves in the foot and rub everyone up the wrong way over the last week or so without consulting the rest of the tour and now a more perfect gap has come up.

There has been currently no decision regarding Wimbledon but it is being closely monitored and a potential interest in moving the championships to end of July is very likely but will consult the tour first as it would interrupt a week of tennis but unlike Roland Garros won’t put ten events at risk…

Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 16.52.15

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