The Overrule: Hobbies, Birthdays, Boredom, Snow and Venus!

Unfortunately we have no live tennis at the moment and I’m sick of constant talk about Covid-19 right now so here’s a light look at what’s going on in the tennis world and some throwbacks…

De Minaur’s golf club…

Alex de Minaur’s boredom level has peaked. The Aussie has been doing TikTok’s, golf skills and just recently is trying to learn backflips.

Having tried a trick shot many times he just had enough the other day and launched his club, I hope his neighbours are ok…

Venus’ย Prosecco workout!

Venus Williams has been doing daily workouts on Instagram live during the lockdown and was joined by sister Venus last week.

There were doing some lifting and opted for the usage of Prosecco bottles to exercise with…

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 19.49.42

I hope they drunk them after…

Stan’s Birthday celebration!

Stan Wawrinka is winning social media at the moment. His videos and pictures are soo funny and so was his video celebrating his 35th birthday in isolation

Baking with Donna!

Donna Vekic has been busy baking, banana bread seems to be one of the in things at the moment and he’s her recipe if you fancy a go!

Federer in the snow…

Despite recovering from knee surgery Roger Federer has been making sure he still knows how to hit a trick shot!

Also, I think Roger wins right now.. what a location! I would love some snow right now!

And finally… Venus faints!

Venus has been having different guests on her daily Instagram workout and it was Grigor Dimitrov’s turn on Tuesday night.

Venus was talking about body shape hinting for a look at Grigor’s abs and subsequently got what she was after and ‘fainted’…

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 19.48.37

Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 18.15.58

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