Roger Federer says “now is the time” for a “merger between the WTA and ATP”

Roger Federer has really opened up a can of worms on social media on Wednesday saying now is the time for the ATP and WTA to come together as one and have one governing body for men and women.

At the same time I don’t think this would have come out of nowhere and it suggests something is going on behind the scenes…

A merger in tennis is something fans and media have spoken about for years and with this current crisis it has been good to see tennis come together when addressing the situation and how they look to help the players and the game.

Federer just put this up on social media…

He’s been answering some questions on it as well…

It is an interesting discussion and one I believe if implemented would benefit tennis.

There would however have to some shake up in player councils with a combined one and why not have board directors from ATP and WTA come together to lead a single governing body.

I think this would help promote tennis as well. It would probably require some sort of calendar shake up which I think is needed to properly categorise mens and women’s tournaments into the same bracket of points and prize money.

We have a few events on the tour where it is an ATP 500 and WTA International which run simultaneously and it doesn’t feel right because the lower ranked tournament always gets the bad deal.

I think it would be great for tennis to see this collaboration work for both parties.

Not only at the elite level but at the Challenger level as well. ATP players have the Challenger tour where was there isn’t a WTA version who just play ITF events. If that could come together as well to play men and women’s challenge calendar simultaneously it would increase interest, prize money and competition.

From a fans perspective it would make it is easier to follow. Websites, rankings, tournaments as Roger said and also TV subscriptions where to see the tour year in year out you need a few and it’s just a bit messy.

Nick Kyrgios was one of the first to reply to Roger with just the word “Yes” showing his support.

Simona Halep has also had her say…

So has Rafael Nadal…

WTA founder Billie-Jean King has also agreed with Roger…

Obviously to do this there would need to be a major discussion and shake-up to make it a fair playing field.

It would be nice to see a more unified tennis tour with the main two bodies singing off the same hymn sheet.

Maybe we could even see some mixed doubles?

ATP/WTA Cup merger would be good following the success of ATP Cup in January..

Who knows what time will bring?

Is there something going on behind the scenes?


Since this broke from Federer it has continued to gather pace.

Serena Williams tweeted this before swiftly deleting it…

Stan Wawrinka has been live with Chris Evert on her academy instagram live and had this to say…

According to Stan, the ATP and the new chief Gaudenzi have been looking at this for some time.

And around 6:30pm tonight Vasek Pospisil who is a leading voice in a more equal share of prize money has had this to stay on Twitter:

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 10.52.13

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