The Overrule – No C Word

It’s a time we were meant to be enjoying Wimbledon but the usual is not happening right now, I am a little bit fed up of the C-word (not that) so in this piece of the Overrule it is a C-word free zone!

Serena’s doubles partner?

Serena Williams’ preparations for the US Open have been well underway for some time. Stacey All-star confirmed the surface used for the US Open has been shipped to Serena’s house for her to practice on but we haven’t seen much practice, however she has been on the court with someone…

Such lovely photos of Serena and Olympia and of course the Australian Open win the competition for best caption with Serena a few weeks pregnant when she defeated sister Venus for her 23rd major title.

Unusual settings…

Tennis events are becoming more and more regular now and one in America led fans to wonder, where is this court?

Apparently it is owned by a night club owner in his garden and you can see a basket ball hoop in the corner and as I said I’m expecting to see someone put the bins out!

Are the line judges calling from the windows?

Hurbert Hurkacz…

2020 has seen limited tennis but when Hurbert Hurkacz plays he does perform and pull out some quite incredible shots:

Not a bad effort…

Genie’s Gesture!

Genie Bouchard did an incredible job of helping a fan out who was looking to fund some new hearing aids and sell some old merchandise.

Genie offered to get them herself and told the fan to keep the signed merchandise and since then a company has offered the fan some new hearing aids!

Roger’s shoe…

Roger Federer won’t be back this year due to a second operation on his knee but he has been busy and has released a shoe, well a pair of shoes…

He has teamed up with Swiss brand “On” and will cost you £200…

Sascha’s silence & Ferrer trial

Sascha Zverev continues his silence after being filmed out at a party when he posted on social media he would be self isolating following his participation at the Adria Tour.

There has however been an announcement but from David Ferrer who played his last match on tour last year against Zverev in Madrid. On a 15 day trial period the Spaniard will be coaching Zverev in a potential new full time partnership.

And finally…

Wimbledon is course meant to be underway, there are some pieces below reflecting on past runs at SW19 and historic achievements.

Roland Garros which begins in September is looking to operate on 50-60% capacity in September which will still welcome over 250,000 people. There is more information about this on the latest posts on the right.

You can also find out about the ATP Finals and how the Race to London and rankings will work below…

47 players amongst 143 who must self-isolate without being allowed to practice following positive tests on two flights to Melbourne

Preparations for the Australian Open are now on hold for 47 players and their teams. A total of 143 players, team members and crew must now self-isolate in Melbourne following positive tests. Just one positive test has been recorded on a flight from Dubai but have been recorded on the flight from Los Angeles which… Continue Reading →

Andy Murray tests positive for COVID-19

Over the next couple of days more flights from six destinations will head to Melbourne on chartered flights put on by Tennis Australia. Flights are operating on around 25% capacity and aim to bring about 1300 players and their teams of two to Melbourne Park to begin their two week isolation. Unfortunately one player who… Continue Reading →

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