Simona Halep has sights set on Palermo but is “worried” about heading to the USA

For many players it has been an unusual time and for some practice has not been possible.

One player that situation has been like that for is Wimbledon champion Simona Halep who was expecting to open play on Centre Court this year but will have to wait.

Despite until recently not being able to practice or train the Romanian has been having regular zoom meetings with her coaches Darren Cahill in Adelaide and Arte in Bucharest.

Speaking to the BBC’s Wimbledon programme Halep did say she hadn’t practiced in two months which is her longest time off the court but gave some light on her intentions going forward and decisions she is yet to make…

“I wish to play Palermo because I need some matches.”

“US (Cincinnati & US Open) is going to be a little bit difficult because of the restrictions, so I haven’t not decided yet full but I am a little bit worried to make that move. But I’m just waiting to see what is going to be decided and what the other players do.”

The situation in America right now is not improving, New York does have a better hold of the situation compared to other states but the country on a whole has been peaking at a record number of tests per day.

It will be interesting to see what players do.

The ranking system and points put in place by the ATP would make sense for the WTA to follow as well offering fairness to all players.

Halep has outlined her intention to play Palermo which tells me she will skip Cincinnati and the US Open. It would make no sense for Halep to play on clay, head to the USA to play on hard courts and then an intense Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros schedule when we know she’s at her strongest on the clay. 

It wasn’t long ago that her coach Darren Cahill said the restrictions in New York wouldn’t work for her. Halep would be able to take Darren and Arte but they will have to be in one room of the two allocated to each player unless they rent a house.

Halep herself has said she wants matches but also, where is her best shot of winning a major and also, how safe will it be for player in America?

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