Jannik Sinner continues to impress in Berlin ahead of season resumption

The return of official tennis competition isn’t that far away. As exhibitions have continued around the world one player who has impressed is Jannik Sinner.

Jannik made an impact last year on the tour, received a wildcard for the NextGen Finals in Milan and won the lot with an incredible level of tennis from the 18 year old who was the lowest ranked in Milan.

Until the year came to a halt his best result was a 7-6 7-5 win against Goffin in Rotterdam.

There is a lot to like about his game and he seems soo comfortable on the court at 18. In Berlin at the Bett1Aces event his performance against Khachanov was outstanding. His forehand is probably his best shot but with his coach Riccardo Piatti you can see improvement all the time. He has a bit of a swinging backhand but hits it pure and his movement is quite incredible.

What I like about his game is he is looking for openings.

Any player can do that, they can just go for it and most likely end up in some danger but not Jannik. His confidence in rallies is so good to see from a young player.

You can see below he is happy going at that cross-court forehand trade with Khachanov and is waiting to turn it around as he does down the line.

What impresses me the most is how little time he gives himself to get into this position to hit the forehand. The power comes through the legs and he elevates himself into the ball and strikes it cleanly to take control and come into the net.

It’s scary when you know what someone is going to do and you can’t stop it, he alters the rhythm of the rallies soo early it is difficult to stop unless you take the initiative.

For such a young player to have this plan on a court and be effective off both wings and at the net is fantastic.

To see someone soo young have a plan like this but execute it is something even some older guys struggle with that search for a bit of variety in their game.

It is a fascinating rise and the stories behind his journey to now is an interesting one. As a kid, Jannik was a junior champion in skiing and you can see how good his movement is over the court, similar to that of Djokovic.

Jannik is set to take the American route when the tour resumes, he is signed up to Washington but there are a lot of names in front of him so he will as it stands have to go through qualifying unless there are at least 9 withdrawals from the entry lists.

You can read more on Jannik from clicking on the link below.

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