Emma Raducanu impresses on Day 1 at Battle of the Brits!

After a successful week of tennis in the first Battle of the Brits event in Roehampton this time it is back for mens and women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

On the opening day Jodie Burrage who was superbly impressive in the recent Progress Tour finishing runner-up to Katie Boulter but continued her good form in a win against Johanna Konta who played her first match since the 7th of March.

Later in the day there was another big win this time for Emma Raducanu as the 17 year old defeated the Progress Tour champion Katie Boulter 6-4 6-3.

The performance from Emma was absolutely fantastic. The confidence and power she played with matches with sublime precision was like watching a player at the peak of their powers.

The composure from Emma throughout was very good, there was a moment in the second set where Katie began to be a bit more aggressive but it never rocked Raducanu who remained on top and stayed in control.

There was a lot in Emma’s game which stood out but her backhand was hit soo cleanly. The preparation and execution was near on perfect.

It is all in the footwork. If that right foot isn’t set and leading then this shot doesn’t get pulled off with the perfection Emma hit it with.

The moment she sets her right foot out she is ready to take the ball on. The generation of power through her rotation and in her arms to hit this soo cleanly time and time again was fantastic to see.

I said at the top of the piece it was a powerful display from Emma but she showed great awareness around the court and played into the open space well on Day 1 in Roehampton.

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