For the 31st time – Serena Williams vs Venus Williams

For the thirty first time, Serena and Venus Williams will meet on the WTA Tour.

Tennis’ two Williams sisters first met back in 1998 at the Australian Open. Venus was 17 and Serena was 16. It was older sister Venus who won 7-6 6-1.

A month later the teenager sisters teamed up to play in Oklahoma doubles and won but their story behind playing is brilliant. The sponsor for the event was a supermarket and the winners got to do a supermarket sweep at the end and loved that gameshow growing up. Everything from the sweep went to a food bank and they scooped plenty of food and nappies for mothers donating to them.

Since 1998 it’s been a wild ride. Winning 23 doubles titles together, losing just two and winning all 14 Grand Slam doubles finals they played together which is astonishing.

On the singles tour every tournament they have played they have met at least once in their career and this new event in Lexington is the latest in a very long line. They’ve played each other on the biggest stage and one of the most recent and memorable was the 2017 Australian Open Final which Serena won whilst in the early stages of pregnancy with her daughter Olympia!

It’s so early in the return of tennis comparing their chances seems a little unusual.

Their respective opening round matches give out an indicator of where they’re at. Serena took a little while to settle but played with excellent intensity and that game at 4-4 from 0-40 down was crucial and trademark Serena.

Venus was simply flawless, she’s been playing professional tennis for almost my lifetime and her game was exceptional against Vika. Her serve was very interesting and I will look into her new service motion soon and her forehand had a tighter and more effective range on it.

Picking a winner? Tough, it is just always incredible watching Tennis’ best sisters battle once again.

image credit – Getty Images

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