Borna Coric starred in New York but his exit was far from the ending he’d have hoped for

Borna Coric has had one of his best Grand Slam runs at the 2020 US Open making the quarter finals down in New York having saved six match points against Stefanos Tsitsipas in a previous round but the performance against Zverev made no sense.

A while ago I think it was in Monte-Carlo I said that Borna’s tennis was too ‘nice’ and lack bite and this became evident once again in Melbourne when he lost to Querrey 3-6 4-6 4-6.

I do hope this run at the US Open is a turning point for him, easy to forget he is only 23 and has been around for some time but the level of tennis we saw in the previous rounds was a million miles from what we saw against Zverev.

For a set and a half there was complete control from Coric who led 6-1 4-2 against the German, he had him pegged back but there was still nerves in the game especially behind the backhand.

A lot of the issues I felt came from Coric and he set himself up to be passed too many times at the net and his backhand broke down and was erratic. Borna was fantastic when he had time against Stefanos Tsitsipas to pick where to go with his shot but time was his time problem. When the ball sat up kindly the amount of errors was painful to watch.

In all honesty this match was far from being a classic it was a tough watch at times. If Borna does want to get to that consistent next level then he needs to find some bite behind his game.

Borna has beaten top players before, he beat Tsitsipas in the early rounds but when it matters the lack of bite is costing him. The tennis is a bit too nice, I feel like he’s just waiting for an error or a short ball but what if it doesn’t come? We might see a drop shot but they were that successful.

Between 2019 and the finale of the ATP Cup in January the Croatian’s record against top 40 ranked players was six wins and twelve defeats.

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