“History is made at the US Open”

I remember staying up all those years ago to watch Andy Murray win the US Open and that phrase from SkySports commentator and former coach of Andy Murray, Mark Petchey sent goosebumps through my spine.

“History is made at the US Open”

It was a moment I will forget in sport and the feeling of Andy Murray winning the US Open will never not give me that feeling of pride and emotion.

It wasn’t just the match but it was the journey to winning that first Grand Slam title, it was truly special.

Like his coach Ivan Lendl the Brit went four finals without winning his first major the fourth of which was a very months earlier at Wimbledon where he broke down in tears after beating Federer but a few months later picked up Olympic Gold against the Swiss.

You can never count Murray out, he never gives up and things did get tricky before the final going 3-6 1-5 down to Marin Cilic in the quarter finals and of course also squandered a two sets to love lead in the final against Djokovic.

From two sets up to level at two sets a piece I did start to worry, the intensity suddenly became pretty much unbearable but the incredible tennis that got Murray to this position was still there and he dug deep as he won his first Grand Slam title.

This was an incredible moment in his career having dealt with heartbreak at Grand Slam level before in Melbourne and a few months before at Wimbledon this took a lot of guts.

I don’t think you can underestimate this win, I’d probably go as far as saying it was one of the most significant of the decade. In this era of the best three the game has ever seen to be as competitive as he has is a testament to his character and attitude.

Despite losing four Grand Slam finals and having lost in six major semi-finals he never panicked when pulled back to two sets a piece. It was composed, calm and a major moment in his progression.

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 22.23.03

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