47 players amongst 143 who must self-isolate without being allowed to practice following positive tests on two flights to Melbourne

Preparations for the Australian Open are now on hold for 47 players and their teams. A total of 143 players, team members and crew must now self-isolate in Melbourne following positive tests.

Just one positive test has been recorded on a flight from Dubai but have been recorded on the flight from Los Angeles which has recently arrived in Melbourne. The two positive tests from this flight have been confirmed as a member of the flight crew and a passenger who is not a player.

Part of the original quarantine into Melbourne was that players could train for 5 hours a day at Melbourne Park but must spend the rest of the time in their hotel room. The 47 players and rest of their teams must now stay in their hotels and will not be allowed to practice over the coming 14 days.

More news is expected to come out of Tennis Australia over the course of the morning with organisers talking to players.

Alize Cornet has taken to Twitter to call this isolation period for the 47 players as “insane” and “these measures are not made to hold an international tennis event” but when you are in a priveledged position to travel around the world playing your sport I don’t think you can complain too much. People around the world can’t see loved ones, friends or even go to funerals so a bit of perspective to spend 14 days in a hotel is not the end of the world.

Alize Cornet was apparently not aware of this:

Marta Kostyuk also isn’t happy… with her #nocomments post on Twitter:

If you’re not happy then don’t go? I can’t imagine players’ and their teams not having all the news prior to departing…

We already know Madison Keys and Andy Murray are not in Melbourne due to a positive test before flying.

Also, my thoughts go out to Sloane Stephens as well. Sloane has travelled to Melbourne but over Christmas and New Year lost her Aunty and Grandmother to the virus.

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