The conversation once turns again to whether Serena Williams will win No.24 or not, but this number shouldn’t define her status as the Greatest, she’s already achieved that!

For the past couple of years a Grand Slam tournament comes around and the talk turns to will Serena Williams win No.24 and equal the record of Margaret Court.

To be honest, even if she doesn’t I think Serena’s achievements and legacy left in the sport have outweighed those of Margaret with all due respect.

I really don’t think much has been shouted about the comeback Serena has put together at all. It wasn’t a straight forward birth with complications for Serena but in true Serena Williams style over twelve months later she came back with a bang.

In three years since returning to the tour she has won 62 matches and lost 17 but has also made an incredible four Grand Slam finals and a semi-final appearance at last years US Open. A lot has been made about Serena losing four major but finals but she’s got to this position and has been the most consistent player in the last few years in majors.

The fact she is still out here at 39 years old and still at the top of women’s competing for the big titles is a testament to her character and her hard work. She steps on the court and she is still Serena Williams, she can power people off in a blink of an eye.

To still be in that conversation is exceptional over many decades.

However it will continue to be on peoples lips, will Serena win No.24 and become the greatest? If she has to win No.24 to be considered the greatest then we need to define what greatness is.

Her record in the sport is un-matched and has done soo much for the sport, for women in sport, mothers in sport, and for all kind of equality is wonderful and a true role model in sport and life. Naomi Osaka said the other day:

“As long as Serena’s here, I think she’s the face of women’s tennis”

The last major triumph of Serena’s was when she was pregnant with Olympia here in Melbourne back in 2017 and it would be fantastic to see her lift the title once more but to still be watching Serena is fantastic in itself.

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