Was this a final wave goodbye to Melbourne Park?

To leave a tournament right before the finale is always tough for any player but as Serena Williams soaked in the applause of 7000 on Rod Laver Arena it became a question of would we see Serena back at Melbourne Park.

Sadly for Serena her run came to an end following a 3-6 3-6 defeat to Naomi Osaka in an interesting which the three time major champion played a smoother game where as Serena struggled with errors.

Serena left the court taking in the applause with her hand on her heart and was visibly emotional at her run at Melbourne Park coming to an end. Was this wave the end of Serena at Melbourne Park?

Not long after Serena was in her press conference but hung around for only about 4 minutes. The penultimate question was about her waving to the crowd and if she was saying farewell and said:

“Erm, I don’t know, if I were ever going to say farewell, I wouldn’t tell anyone”

The next question, Serena was asked about the amount of unforced errors and how well she played in her previous rounds and asked if this was just a bad day at the office.

Serena was visibly upset and said:

“Um, I don’t know, I’m done” and left her press conference.

Hopefully this is not the end for Serena at Melbourne Park and she continues to make memories here and throughout the year and beyond. The level she is playing at many can only aspire to, she is 39 but is still soaring at the top of women’s tennis.

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