Greatness is defined over time but in 2005 an 18 year old debuted in Paris from Mallorca with a champions aura, a fearless mentality and no one has consistently challenged him since!

2005 was a special year at Roland Garros: ~ It was the first Grand Slam that Novak Djokovic made it past the first round ~ It was Stan Wawrinka's first Grand Slam appearance ~ It was Andre Agassi's last French Open appearance A player called Rafael Nadal from the small town of Manacor on the... Continue Reading →

My time at the Madrid Open: Part 1

This time last year I was in Madrid and attended the Mutua Madrid Open. It was a fun tournament and such a shame that unfortunately it won't happen this year. I saw some exceptional tennis and many and in these two parts here are some pictures and videos from my time there. If anyone is... Continue Reading →

Rafa, Roger & Andy

The Instagram Live game has been taken to another level. Rafael Nadal kicked it off on Monday and after taking an eternity to figure out how to add people but was at separate times joined by Roger and Andy! Here are just a few main talking points from the lives with the two players... Rafa... Continue Reading →

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