Novak Djokovic’ 2011 season

Having looked at his 2015 season it is time to look back at a 2011 season of Novak Djokovic'. 2011 was a phenomenal year for the Serb who took tennis to another level and raised the bar week by week. There wasn't much that didn't go well for him but what did was truly insane!... Continue Reading →

Hanging onto Hope?

Mike Dowse who is the new CEO of the USTA has on Thursday announced that a decision will be made on whether the US Open will take place this year in June. The decision is expected in six weeks time and should co-inside with the WTA and ATP's joint decision on tennis which is currently... Continue Reading →

Eight first time winners in the last twelve majors is a good thing for women’s tennis where the bar continues to be set incredibly high

Women’s tennis is at an undoubtedly high level. Over the past 12 Grand Slam events we have now had 8 different winners.  The woman’s game is simply brilliantly unpredictable and the fight for the biggest title is becoming tougher and tougher, there are no guarantees but there is belief and fearless approach in the woman’s... Continue Reading →

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